About Us


GDC Architects started in Colac in 1978 with an aim of serving the community with sustainable, practical, and cost-effective architectural designs. Being in the industry for over 40 years GDC architects have completed a vast range of projects ranging from renovations, new residential, commercial, town house developments, student accommodations, medical clinics, industrial projects etc. gaining an immense experience of capturing the need of the client and working within client’s budget. Working around the region, we are well experienced with the challenging landscapes around Great Ocean Road and Otway hinterlands.

We are also passionate in designing ‘Passivhaus’ designs which can save up to 90% of the energy consumption compared to a typical energy-efficient house. Passivhaus is a well-insulated, air and watertight, construction with high performing windows and minimal thermal bridges which creates a highly energy efficient comfortable home which also has health benefits for the occupants.

In delivering projects we used latest technology to produce 3D images and walk throughs of the design so that the client can have a complete 360 understanding of the spatial quality, materials and how the design sits in the landscape before its being built.


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